Admission to Hospital


Here is a list of things to bring in with you for your delivery.

For Mum

  • 4 large packs of maternity sanitary towels.
  • 3 or more cotton night dresses or pyjamas (an old night dress or T-shirt is quite adequate for labour ward)
  • Disposable / old large panties
  • Dressing gown, slippers
  • Toiletries: shower cap, soap, towels, face cloth, wash bag etc
  • Your medical record chart

For Baby

  • 4 baby vests, 6 baby grows, bibs or towels
  • Baby towels for washing baby
  • 24 disposable nappies (extra will be required if the baby is admitted to the NNU)
  • 1 roll cotton wool – option: baby wipes, baby cleansing lotion Vaseline/Sudocrem
  • Blanket and hat for going home
  • Baby seat for car


The Cork University Maternity Hospital


All pregnancy patients are managed on this site.
Prof Greene Dr O’Riordan and Dr J Coulter have gynaecology theatre lists on this site.

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